Corporate identity and packaging for Gozo

Design & visual identity

Meet the most rebellious plant-based burger!

There are brands that are born rebellious. However, to be perceived as such by consumers, they need an identity as powerful as their positioning. Ready to read how we turned a plant-based burger into an irresistible temptation?

To build a brand identity capable of making the stomachs of Generation Z roar, you need fresh ingredients. And at Gozo, we used them all! We defined a retro and urban aesthetic, focused on showcasing how to enjoy a feast of burgers while reclaiming the pleasure of healthy eating.

A curvaceous and seductive logo would be the siren song that draws the consumer to the product aisle. An elegant visual, in black and white, complemented by a chromatic range as rich in colors as the flavors of Gozo's plant-based burgers.

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