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Your credibility to your audience is more important than the breadth of that audience.

Credibility is the key factor in effective business, institutional or personal communication in a hyper-informed environment. It can be easy to become well known; but to be credible is much more complicated. And if the latter is not achieved, the former can be worthless. Sibilare* uses a unique methodology to identify and evaluate losses and gains in credibility. Our consultants then provide tools to earn or strengthen that credibility.

Our services:

Crisis Communication

Sibilare* guides companies, institutions and public personalities in managing communication crises – both reactively and proactively. We turn these situations of weakness around by building the foundations of efficient and credible communication for the immediate future. Includes immediate help following a media crisis, in managing contacts with media outlets, and in preparing public appearances, as well as other support measures for the communications director of an organization facing a media crisis. Also Defense – both legal and in the media – against Internet content that negatively affects the reputation of a person, brand or entity. A combined team of legal and communications experts (Font Advocats) make possible this complete digital reputation protection service.  The communications area offers digital audits, placement strategies for servers, social network campaigns, strategies for on-line communication, and specialized training.

Credible Communication Strategies

Designing the strategies necessary to correct or improve an organization’s or a personality’s credibility, such as: creating new focal points; updating the message; renewing a company’s image and public discourse; or changing leadership.

Digital communication

The design and execution of comprehensive Internet positioning plans for organizations or individuals:  web page design and creation of static content, strategies for social media presence, programming updates, etc.

Credibility and Communication Audits

Analyzing the level of credibility and the effectiveness of communication that institutions, companies or personalities enjoy before a given public, with potential periodic follow-up monitoring of the main credibility indicators (threats, strengths and weaknesses, misunderstandings and comprehension, tendencies and perceptions). 

Entry strategy for new markets by location, cultural environment or subject matter 

Adapting communication models to new cultural environments, so the new audiences understand what you are really trying to get across. Ask Sibilare* if we cover the area in which you are interested in making yourself known.

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