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Big Data Analytics

We listen to the public discourse about our clients, extracting useful information to manage their communications.

Sibilare* follows, analyzes, processes and graphs the inflow of mass data relating to public image, or to any one of the information sources companies and institutions use (web traffic, sales networks, customer service, etc). 

Our services:

Legal and Communications Monitoring

Overseeing the public appearances of personalities, entities or companies, advising them on legal and communications strategies to maintain and improve their reputation.

Published image barometer

Detailed analysis of the public discourse about a brand, a personality or an institution. It calculates not only the number of times a client appears in the media, but also the relevance of each appearance in its context (location, cultural environment or subject matter), and its importance compared to the competition. It is made to measure, with the greatest possible coverage of online media, blogs, Twitter and other social networks.     

Public Discourse Analysis

A study of a particular subject in a particular context.  It identifies the main arguments and the principal actors. Conclusions are drawn from taking into account the public debate in media and social networks.

Predictive Analysis

Based on an enormous amount of data, trends are identified in order to inform decisions about the future - whether in business, politics, or institutional or public life.

Data Journalism

Analysis and visualization of data oriented to the creation of journalistic contents for media. The service can include from the collection of original data to the final display and written.

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